East Herringthorpe Social Club

By Penny Thompson, Community Organiser

I have recently begun to more activly engage with East Herringthorpe Social Club. The club is a not-for-profit organisation that has been running for over 20 years. I arranged a meeting with the events committee and Gary Linney, Steward of the club as they would like to engage more with the local community and put activities and events on for all ages that people would like to attend. I discussed and supported the group in putting together a strategy for events from November 2019 – March 2020.

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The Lanes Community Centre

By Brandon Freeman, Community organiser

I have been re-establishing relationships with the Lanes community and their community centre which was built  in 1997 after the group secured £245,000 from lottery funding. The centre is a sustainable venue as they do not rely on funding and they have charges in place to fund the venue, the cost of membership is only £2 per year. The leader of the group Lorraine has managed to sustain a bank account with a surplus of £18,000 for maintenance and repairs.

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Springwell Sports and Fitness Project

By Dan Barron, Community Organiser

Dilly is a resident living in the Springwell area and is wanting to start a sports/fitness project in the area to engage with the community. He has spoken to local facilities to start costing up the project. After speaking with residents there has been interest for boxing and football sessions for the younger generation of the area.

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East Herringthorpe Litter Pickers

Local East Herringthorpe resident, Natalie approached Community Organiser Penny Thompson after a concern of the amount of rubbish thrown on the streets.

Natalie and Penny discussed potential solutions to the waste on the streets and Natalie was passionate about ‘doing something to help her own community’. Penny suggested she attend Community Organiser training in order to equip her with the skills and knowledge when working with the community.

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Residents Form Swinburne Social Club

A group of residents have worked to form a committee and the group ‘Swinburne Social Club’

Over the last year Rotherham Federation has supported a group of residents to come together to tackle the issues and social isolation they were facing in their own community, during the last 5 months the residents have been working to put everything needed in place such as their constitution, a bank account and starting to raise funds.

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