Our Communities and Work

Our Communities

Over the next five years the Federation  will help build stronger, more capable communities, which can empower people to speak up and create their own solutions, New community-led groups will develop and our communities will be happier places to live and work. The Federation and its network will offer strategic stakeholders effective access into communities to identify need and deliver change that works. All community groups and community members will use the Federation’s network of members to access peer support and learn from each other, becoming more professional and better able to lead community change. In particular, more young, older and isolated people will become involved in community life and communities will work together to create shared solutions to Borough wide problems.

Our Work

Within three years Rotherham Federation will be the organisation of choice for decision makers and community groups wanting to grow local communities and address local challenges. We will enhance our reputation for work with social housing tenants by championing their needs, but will also expand to work with all types of geographic residents groups, and groups representing communities of interest. We will actively work with minority ethnic, urban and rural communities and communities experiencing poverty and deprivation.  We will support communities to work together on shared issues, particularly those that reduce disadvantage and increase social inclusion.  Where social cohesion and community engagement is weak we will support communities to grow their voice and identity.