Energy Know How

By Noor Salih & Sharon Smith, Community Energy Advisors

I contacted an elderly lady who had spoken to our Making your Money Go Further Project as she was having some issues with her Utility provider.

The client had spoken with a different support provider at the beginning of the year as she believed her bills were expensive compared to her neighbours. She received some support however this was not followed-up as the project ended and her case was not passed onto another advisor, an issue that she found very annoying.

The client has had a smart meter installed that has not worked for over 2 years. She has two meter boxes outside her property and she believes there is another inside but does not know what it is for.

She has recently received a warm home discount payment after applying last year despite probably being eligible for some time and not knowing about the scheme.

She was promised by her energy provider that someone would come to her property in June to read her meters however this never happened. She has difficulty accessing the meters as this requires her to lie on the floor to see one of them. She is not happy with the support and service from her current provider and wants help to switch.

Her current payments are £86.00 per month but as the meters have not been read and the bills have not, as yet been seen, I could not confirm whether this was sufficient to cover usage or whether the bills were accurate. She is going to locate her latest bills and will ask her daughter to take meter readings. On receipt of this information we will arrange to meet face to face to discuss what steps to take next without putting her warm home discount at risk.

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