What Makes Us Special

We know our communities

Our track record of supporting and developing community groups, Tenants and Residents Associations and other community activity means we are known and trusted by the Borough’s communities, have seven years experience of working alongside them and understand the challenges they face.

We have the skills

Rotherham Federation’s skilled staff team and board together have extensive experience of helping communities work. We excel in community development, working with and alongside local people to build community strength, facilitating ways to learn and network with one another to improve the quality of life for all.

We are community owned

Rotherham Federation’s roots are in communities and we are the only community focused infrastructure body in the Borough. We are community-led and owned by our members, local Tenants and Residents Associations, who set our direction and values. In delivering our work we empower, share and link members rather than building large central structures.

We are here for all communities

The Federation  celebrates diversity, inclusion and creativity in everything we do. Our services are open to everyone interested in growing communities; individuals and community groups serving local geographies, communities of interest, urban and rural area and all types of tenants and residents.