Making Our Money Go Further

A Partnership Project with Rotherham Citizens Advice

We aim to change the way communities think & talk about managing money, with community led solutions to the issues that matter most to local people. Through community support delivered by Rotherham Federation that brings people together to form community led groups, and local one to one advice delivered by Citizens Advice, this project will provide the tools people need to deal with the issues that are most important to them. It’s about supporting local people to make real change happen.

The 2-year project started in January 2024 and will operate in the areas of Dalton, East Herringthorpe, Greasbrough, Thurcroft, Flanderwell/Sunnyside and East Dene.

Our team will listen to what the community says, identify people’s money-related worries and support, enable and empower them to collectively develop practical solutions to help make ends meet. We have no idea what solutions communities will propose to make their money go further but our role will be to help make whatever that is, happen.

Throughout this project we will help people reduce expenditure, increase income and renegotiate outgoings. Activities could include skills transfer, one to ones, group training, ways to cut energy consumption, utilities switching, simple home insulations, skills swops, cost effective ideas to eat well, benefits checks, creating food bank outlets, referrals to support organisations (Food Banks, Credit Unions), charity grants, anti-loan shark campaigns, community food gardening and support to access statutory services e.g. job centres, colleges, RMBC. We will have to wait and see.

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For further information regarding our project please contact:

Neelam Rhuksar 07399 213265, Julie Fletcher 07398 013824