Ways To Get Involved

Tenant Connectors Pool:

The tenant connectors pool is for tenants who want to get involved but don’t have time to join our regular panels. We’ll keep you updated with relevant news and let you know about upcoming opportunities, so you can join in on the things that interest you, such as:

  • Local news and events
  • Opportunities to get involved in making housing services better
  • Opportunities to volunteer with the wider council, RotherFed and in your communities
  • The fantastic tenants that have got involved and made an impact
  • How to update your personal details or opt out of future roundups

We’ll send one main roundup at the start of each month, but we may contact you separately via email or text message if things come up that we think might take your fancy.

Tenant Scrutiny Panel:

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel are a group of council tenants that get together with us regularly to pick areas within council housing services that need to improve. 

The panel look in detail at how the council are currently doing things and make recommendations on how to make things better. 

The council work with the panel to develop improvement plans and keep panel members updated on their progress with making changes. 

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel meets monthly, on a Monday from 10.30am to 12.30pm.
To find out more or to suggest an idea for a future tenant review, visit Rotherfed’s Tenant Scrutiny Web page

Housing Involvement Panel:

The Housing Involvement Panel is a group of tenants who meet regularly with council staff.

They share their views on housing services and help improve how these services work. The panel gives feedback to make sure the council provides the best possible services for tenants.

The Housing Involvement Panel meet every month on a Wednesday at 10.30am to 12.30pm.

The Screen Team:

The Screen Team is a group of tenants who meet on-line to talk about our communications and how to make the council’s website, letters and emails easier to read.

They also give feedback on how the council can communicate better on social media.

The screen team meet on-line for around 1 hour on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm.

If you are interested in getting involved with any of our panels, email tenantinvolvement@rotherfed.org or call 01709 368515 for more information.