Riverside House Library provides warmth and support to those in need.

By the Open Arms Community Enagement Team

Martin, a visitor facing newfound challenges after the end of a relationship and finding himself homeless, sought assistance from the housing team at Riverside House. As he waited his turn, he stumbled upon the Open Arms stall.

We offered Martin a steaming cup of coffee and some biscuits. Grateful for the warmth both literal and figurative, Martin began to open up about his struggles and the hurdles he faced.

What started as a chance encounter blossomed into a heartfelt conversation lasting nearly an hour.  Martin found comfort in sharing his burdens, feeling heard and understood.

Expressing his gratitude, Martin thanked the Open Arms team for their compassion and for treating him with dignity during a vulnerable moment.  We extended the invite and said, he is always welcome for a chat here and, if he needs any assistance Citizen Advice would be available for him.