Employment – Folk Lift Truck Driver

By Louise Johnson, Employment Coach

Client 031 was a folk lift truck driver but was let go from Greencore in February 2019. He had been unemployed for two months before he came to our initial meeting. I reviewed his CV and updated it to be industry specific. Client 031 was very unmotivated to find work and came to the first appointment with his partners persuasion.

He was sending very few job applications and was reluctant to answer his phone to unknown numbers. We had a few difficult conversations to address his motivation and discuss his future aspirations. He agreed to meet regularly to increase his job search but then stopped attending and answering his phone.

He did attend the job fair where i re-engaged with him and we addressed his attendance. He said he had lost his phone but would come and see me again, when he did I reset our expectations of his job search activity and contact ability. We met at the Job Centre and I taught him how to send applications to maximise responses. We sent 12 applications in one hour.

He received an invite for an interview two days later and he texted me to let me know. He was successful in the post and started on Monday 11th November.