East Herringthorpe Colliery Group

By Penny Thompson, Community Organiser

The Colliery group is in its infancy and members are made up of local residents who have previously worked in the mines and also people who have had family members who worked in the mining industry locally. The group’s main aim is to celebrate the rich history of colliery and campaign to have a low carbon footprint colliery museum erected on the old Silverwood mining site for educational purposes.

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Employment – Support Worker

By Louise Johnson, Employment Coach

I met client 033 at the end of August 2019; she had a degree in social work which she gained in her hometown in Portugal. Over the past 3 years since being in the UK she has completed a business admin master’s and has worked as a family planning officer. Her main barrier was not having her social work qualification recognised in the UK.

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Thurcroft Big Local Firework Display and Tea Dance

By Rachel Cole, Projects Officer

This month has seen two really great events take place in the village, a firework display and a remembrance tea dance.

On Friday 1 November Thurcroft Big Local held their first Firework Display. Since the Big Local started in 2012 this is something the local community have regularly asked for and this year, we decided to give it a go.

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Henley Community Group

By Brandon Freeman, Community Organiser

I have been working closely with the Henley Community Group at Oates Close Community Centre in Masbrough. The group meet every Wednesday to play bingo, enjoy teas and coffees and to have a good natter.

After speaking to the local residents that use the community centre, a common issue that was raised was the intergration of the older and younger residents. With little for local residents and families to do including the lack of local events, parties and celebrations.

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Employment – Folk Lift Truck Driver

By Louise Johnson, Employment Coach

Client 031 was a folk lift truck driver but was let go from Greencore in February 2019. He had been unemployed for two months before he came to our initial meeting. I reviewed his CV and updated it to be industry specific. Client 031 was very unmotivated to find work and came to the first appointment with his partners persuasion.

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