Swinburne Social Club

By Jess Clarke, Project Manager

In October 2018 a local group was supported to form under the name of Swinburne Social Club.

They originally set out as a social club whom met weekly for a ‘cuppa and a chat’- every Tuesdays and Thursdays and from this they have been working on raising funds weekly, to go towards future activities.

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Springwell TARA

By Dan Barron, Community Organiser

Sarah and I were preparing for a day of engaging with the community in Springwell. As we approach our first resident’s door, I was standing their waiting for the answer on my first day of training.

The resident opened the door and enthusiastically prompted us to come inside for a chat. This resident expressed her views on the estate and highlighted the history of her involvement in a previous project that saw £36 million transform Oak meadows flats into Springwell Gardens in 1994-1999 through the Single regeneration Budget 2. The next thing we know 3 hours have passed and we were hooked on the resident’s passion for her community.

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Volunteer – Rob Gooding

By Sarah Bingham, Community Organiser

I met Rob whilst working with Green Hill volunteers on their Lantern Walk project in December 2018 through door knocking in the area. I found out from listening that he was passionate about the green space and the wildlife that lived there. When listening to Rob, I found out that he was over 6 months into a severe depressive episode brought on by personal circumstances.

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