Ferham Community Cafe Presents Picnic In The Park

During the summer the Timebuilders Community café has been ran outside in Ferham Park as ‘Picnic in the Park’.

This was to further engage families and young people who would not necessarily come into a church through either personal or physical barriers.

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East Herringthorpe Litter Pickers

Local East Herringthorpe resident, Natalie approached Community Organiser Penny Thompson after a concern of the amount of rubbish thrown on the streets.

Natalie and Penny discussed potential solutions to the waste on the streets and Natalie was passionate about ‘doing something to help her own community’. Penny suggested she attend Community Organiser training in order to equip her with the skills and knowledge when working with the community.

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Residents Form Swinburne Social Club

A group of residents have worked to form a committee and the group ‘Swinburne Social Club’

Over the last year Rotherham Federation has supported a group of residents to come together to tackle the issues and social isolation they were facing in their own community, during the last 5 months the residents have been working to put everything needed in place such as their constitution, a bank account and starting to raise funds.

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Henley Community Group

By Vicky Hilton, Community Organiser

Henley Community Group (Henley TARA) are a group of local residents who come together on a weekly basis to plan and deliver activities within their area. They identify local issues and needs by talking to residents and engaging them in activities such as weekly bingo, youth clubs, trips and further support for the community.

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Springwell’s 20th Anniversary Street Party

By Dan Barron, Community Organiser

The Springwell Tenants and Resident’s association held the 20th Anniversary street party representing the opening of the Springwell estate after the Oakhill flats had been demolished. The event saw over 30 residents of all ages walk through the doors.

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KBUG – Kiverton Bungalow Users Group

By Vicky Hilton, Community Organiser

Kiverton Bungalow Users Group (KBUG) are a group of RMBC tenants who have been active for a long period of time, with around 20 regular members involved. They have a weekly lunch club, bingo, a knit and natter, arrange social trips and generally help local older people to come together socially.

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