Bakersfield Court 10th Anniversary Event

Bakersfield Court TARA celebrated their 10 year anniversary with an event on Thursday 16th May 2019

The former mayor and his wife attended, one of the last events he attended as Mayor.

Congratulations to Bakersfield court for 10 years of involvement and social inclusion at the centre!

Tenants and the Former Mayor
TARA Treasurer/Secretary and the Former Mayor and his Wife

This was taken from our quarterly newsletter for Summer 2019.

Rotherham Sangeet and Choir Group

By Jess Clarke, Project Manager

Over the last month I have been supporting the group Rotherham Sangeet and Choir. This group has been formed since 2014 and Rotherham Federation has supported them throughout their community engagement projects. They are a singing choir working to address social isolation and mental health through music and signing workshops, going into schools, care homes and putting on community events across the Rotherham Borough.

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Dinnington Community Boxing Group

By Ian Huddleston, Community Organiser

From last month, we have now got the committee members together and completed the constitution for the Dinnington boxing community group. They will now get a bank account and start applying for funding asap. The group have lots of other ideas to expand and do other things in the community, so this may only be the beginning for the group in Dinnington.

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Shaftesbury House

By Rachel Cole, Projects Officer

Shaftesbury House is a RMBC sheltered housing complex close to Rotherham town centre. It is predominantly for people who are over the age of 50 or have a disability.

Back in May 2016 a couple of residents from Shaftesbury House contacted Rotherham Federation to see if we could help support them to start a group. We helped them write a constitution and open a bank account. The group started with three members and now three years on has over twenty members.

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More Sporting Activities for Dinnington

By Ian Huddleston, Community Organiser

Following on from listenings with the young people at JADE, the information back was that they wanted more sports activities to do.

I arranged to meet with David Robinson who has run fitness and boxing sessions previously at a gym, to see if he would like to get involved and run some sessions at JADE with the young people. David is from Dinnington, and all his family are from the area. He talked about the area when he was a child and the community spirit that seems to have been lost, and how he would love to get involved in putting something back into the community.

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Green Hill Gets the Go Ahead!

By Sarah Bingham, Community Organiser

Through listenings carried out in the first year of organising in Rawmarsh and Parkgate, I began to find out what was important to people living there, what issues were affecting them and what change they wanted to see where they lived. It became apparent that a lot of the residents I spoke to were passionate about the area’s green spaces and that there were concerns some of them were under threat, in particular, council-owned Green Hill in Parkgate.

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Employment – Engagement Officer

By Louise Johnson, Employment Coach

A new client attended our job club on a Monday and said she has recently been let go from her job as a recruiter due to personal circumstance.

After a loss in her family, she was only allowed 5 days off work for bereavement and so went back to her job as a recruiter but couldn’t handle the pressure and stress she was under. It was a mutual decision between her and her employer to leave the job.

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