Rawmarsh & Parkgate Friends of Green Spaces

By Rachel Cole, Projects Officer

As I now cover the Rawmarsh area this group now falls in my HRA work. A couple of weeks ago I had a walkabout in Rawmarsh and met a couple of people from the group. I’ve also met the two local councillors who are involved in this group and regularly attend the litter picks put on. This group have their own Facebook page with nearly 400 members.

The group holds weekly litter picks, however, due to Covid-19 these were put on hold. The group did however go out on an individual basis to help to keep the community as clean and tidy as possible.

The group held their first litter pick of 2021 on Friday 1 April.  A total of 8 volunteers turned up and they focused on the field and banking area behind the Fighting Cocks Pub. Two hours later they had collected 37 bags, a fridge, traffic cone and road signs and found a mattress and bed. RMBC assisted with the mattress and bed and removed the rest of the rubbish. Since the beginning of the month the volunteer numbers have increased and this Friday (today) there will be two litter picks taking place, one meeting at Asda and one meeting in Rosehill Park. 

The group are doing a fantastic job of covering the whole area of Rawmarsh and Parkgate to help keep their community litter free. I will be attending one of their weekly litter picks next month where I hope to meet more members of the group.

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