Social Media Good News Stories

By Kathryn Wild, Project Manager

The RotherFed Good News Stories Facebook group was set up on the 24th September, which is a public group, that anyone can apply to be a member of. The aim was to build up a group, where people could interact with each other, promote events and share what was happening at their groups.

Moving this online, meant that people were able to support each other and share their activities without giving up extra time for a meeting and being able to speak to an audience from the convenience of their own home. Posting into a Facebook group also gave members to opportunity for their post to have direct access to people’s phones and thus added a new way to communicate with each other.

Membership has grown in just under two months from no members as it was a brand new group to 111 members. Of the 111 members, 31 individuals have contributed to the page with posts, meaning that page is not just RotherFed posts but individuals coming together. With the growth of the group size, the number people having interactions per day with the page has grown, with on average 62 individual users interacting with the page each day. This has provided an overall reach of 2770.