Springwell Gardens Drop-In

By Dan Barron, Community Organiser

RotherFed hosted a multiagency drop-in which was supported by the local Springwell TARA group who provided free refreshments for service users of the event. The drop in had a good attendance of 19 residents, 2 local councillors and 1 Guinness Housing Partnership Customer Liaison Officer.

There was a noticeable difference in atmosphere throughout the service sessions as residents are starting to talk to each other not only about their issues on the estate but more casually. The atmosphere was very calm and casual whereas some previous residents meeting have been hostile towards Guinness Partnership of housing issues. Residents 6 months ago were signing a petition to have the local Guinness Housing Partnership Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) reassigned to a different estate due to lack of confidence now have a greater awareness of the job role. This has led to residents now supporting the local CLO against other residents who don’t understand the job role of the estate representative. Although there is still anger towards Guinness Partnership relations between the residents and the housing association have improved and will continue to improve. I believe that residents are starting to show a level of trust in the Guinness partnership if only a small amount.

Local Councillors are singing the praises of the local TARA group and RotherFed about the work that has been happening in Springwell with local authorities. As a result, councillors are advocating the group of residents to local authorities that could potentially see the group in the Springwell area receive spending. Local councillors played a very active role on the night talking to residents about their area.

Overall services and residents relationships appear to be improving and developing positively and are in a better position than the community was 6 months ago. The community are starting to build relationships with each other and Rotherham Federation, which is seeing positive responses to events and meetings held in the area.