Tenant Involvement

Woodsetts Tara, a small community group, organized a memorable event for residents and visitors of the village. The group supported by Rotherfed decided they wanted to make it bigger and better than last year’s car rally and craft market. The day-long event named Woodfest featured a craft market, a classic car rally, a beer festival, and live music, the event attracted around 2,500 enthusiastic attendees despite the rain. The event was staffed by volunteers from all the community groups in the area.

The event, held on the village cricket pitch, showed the talent and creativity of local crafters. The craft market offered handmade goods and craft ideas as well as games and stalls form local groups, including the Neighbourhood watch and had a small fairground alongside archery and axe throwing for older participants.

Alongside the craft market, the group held a classic car rally featuring 60 Vintage vehicles, lovingly restored to their former glory, were proudly displayed for all to admire. The event provided a nostalgic trip down memory lane and allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the timeless charm of classic cars.

The beer festival offered a chance to sit and relax for a while away from the bustle of the craft market and the classic cars and enjoy a choice of 15 craft beers and ciders. The entertainment staged on the back of a lorry trailer, was supplied by bands some of which played at Glastonbury this year as well as local talent was joined by a Zumba session for the younger attendees.

Woodsetts TARA’s event drew an impressive crowd, with approximately 2,500 people joining the festivities throughout the day. The group would like to hold this event every year to continue to bring the community of Woodsetts together and build on the success of the last two events to bring an even bigger spectacular for next year. The event’s success can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of all the members of the group.

Making Our Money Go Further

Jane became known to the Making Our Money Go Further (MOMGF) project via a referral from a PCN link worker. The referral only had basic information about Jane and her situation and to see if we could support this lady in any way. 

Contacting Jane, to obtain more information with regards to her referral was the first stage. Jane disclosed to us that her husband had died several months ago and has received a payment from DWP following his death. Jane told us that after several weeks of asking for support from many other agencies within the Rotherham area MOMGF was her last hope of finding a solution to her concern. Jane was querying what she thought was an over payment from DWP which she had received. This was for a very large amount of money. (This was also a difficult time for her after the death of her Husband)

Jane had received a large amount of money into her bank, but no letter from DWP to confirm the payment, or what payment was for, Jane needed more information and reassurance and felt she could not spend any of the money in case it was a wrong payment, and they would request for it back. On the day of the telephone conversion with Jane she was very concerned and had reservations about the payment and it was making her anxious. It was agreed that a referral would be made to citizens advice for a benefit check, which we did on the day of the phone call.

Citizen’s advice contacted Jane on the same day, a three-way telephone conversion was set up, between, Jane, Citizen’s advice and DWP. Jane was informed by DWP that the money was correct, and it was a back payment, which totally put Janes mind at rest. A telephone call was made to Jane from MOMGF for a follow up conversation to see if we had fully support her.

 Jane stated:

“MOMGF have helped me 100% nobody was helping me, I cannot thank you enough, you have been a great help, I was beginning to think nobody could help me, but you have, you have put my mind at rest, thank you”. Jane also stated, light heartedly, “I can now buy a new garden fence, to keep the dog in, although he won’t be happy, as he will not be able to escape”.

Tenant Involvement

Madiya met a lady at the ESOL learning sessions held at the Unity Centre. This lady, who is a council tenant, comes quite regularly to these sessions and Madiya has built that rapport and trust with this person. The lady spoke to her about her daughter who is disabled, completely bed-bound who relies on oxygen machine assistance too. She explained that her daughter’s bedroom is downstairs in what was the living room, which is next to the kitchen. The only thing between the kitchen and the living room is a door. During Ramadan, one of the other children in the household was cooking something in the oven which ended up causing a small fire in the kitchen and caused a lot of smoke. She explained how worried she had been as had it been something more serious there was no fire exit for the disabled daughter. Madiya has helped the lady get in touch with the council to explain the issue and ask for their help to modify her home. She also had information from the fire brigade team to support any further construction to the property. The council have been very supportive and done everything in their power to help the household and have now constructed the whole front side of the property. They have put a fire exit door in the room where the daughter’s bed is located. They also cleared the front garden as there was a hazard with the large tree hanging over the property and the garden was uneven. They removed the tree and levelled the front garden so it’s easier for the bed to move around in case of an emergency. The lady was impressed with how fast the council have helped and how quickly they managed to put everything together. She was grateful for the support she was receiving from Madiya and RotherFed throughout this whole process and is very happy with the outcome of her property and thankful her daughter has that safety and security.

More Energy Know How

Lynn spoke to a lady whilst waiting for her foodbank shopping regarding any concerns she had regarding her energy. The lady lived with her young son in a private rented property. She was on a low income struggling to pay her energy bills and buy daily essential items. The lady confirmed that she had accrued £2,200 in electric arrears over the last 8 months and did not have sufficient income to repay this. The lady had a medical condition and had been declined Personal Independence Payment (PIP) 8 months ago after appealing the decision. The lady had completed all PIP forms and the mandatory reconsideration herself after declining support. They discussed the service our Money Matters team can offer through Citizens Advice, who will be able to provide support with debts and completing PIP forms. They can also look for any support that may be available through charities and trusts etc. They also discussed Green Doctors who can provide support with energy saving i.e., low level draught proofing around windows and doors, foils behind radiators, up to 10 energy saving lightbulbs etc. The lady was happy to refer to our Money Matters team with a follow up referral to Citizens Advice and a referral to Green Doctors. The lady took thermometers on the day. The lady confirmed that she has declined support in the past but was willing to accept the support offered by RotherFed. Lynn also confirmed that they have winter warm packs issued during the winter months and the lady confirmed that she will contact them or call at the foodbank should she feel the need to have one.

Springwell Gardens Family Fun Day

Open Arms sessions have been running at Springwell on a fortnightly basis since April 2023. We decided at quite short notice to hold an information session during the school holidays for families to come along to and find out more about the project. We arranged for Making Our Money Go Further to attend with us and they brought along a hamper of shopping to give away to the person who guessed how much it would cost. We also arranged for DB entertainment to provide some games and activities for families to enjoy and provided drinks and snacks too. Posters were put up in local businesses and publicised through social media platforms.

On the day, Thursday 1st June 2023, we got the main hall set up ready to greet our visitors, not sure how many to expect, but as soon as the doors opened, they were there!

The session was well attended by families who enjoyed the activities and food. From talking to some of them about the project a couple were referred into Citizens Advice by the money team and others said that planned to attend our regular drop-in sessions. Rob spoke to some residents who are interested in setting up a group to run from Springwell.

The session was also attended by Cllr Cooksey, PCSO’s and Jamie from Early Help so people had the opportunity to meet and chat with them too.

Open Arms

As part of the project volunteer community leaders receive training, help and support to be able to help their groups and communities around cost-of-living.

Our first volunteer training session was organised to be held in June at Springwell. We were joined by those interested in becoming community volunteers for Open Arms, to discuss the roles and what community volunteering entails. Other people expressed interest in attending the session too, but owing to other commitments were unable to attend. We therefore hope to run further sessions during the year. The session was fun and interactive with plenty of opportunity to discuss personal experiences of being a volunteer, or being helped by a volunteer, and what impact this support can have on people. We also covered information about the project and what it hopes to achieve, as well as sharing some stories of the people we have helped already.

We are looking forward to welcoming the volunteers at our sessions soon.

Community workshop St Johns Methodist Church Swinton

Wow what a good morning we had, from cake decorating, making a money box, planting a Sunflower seed and much more!

Community skills workshop day came about through networking and attending a coffee morning at the British Legion in Wath. Whilst chatting to many members we were approached by a volunteer, Sallyanne, who was keen to talk about lots of ideas for a group to run at Swinton.

We agreed to meet to discuss her ideas and plan the best way forward, Sallyanne has previously worked with Rotherham Federation who supported her to set up a uniform swap at her local Church. 

On the day of the meeting Sallyanne had a clear vision on how she wants the group to run. After lots of discussion and sharing ideas, we came up with the title.

The aim of the morning was whatever age you are, have little or no skills, or a hobby and live in the local Community you can come along and pick up/learn a new skill with no cost.

On the day all went well and people learnt a new skill or more than one. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and there was a great atmosphere in the hall, it was very relaxed, and nobody felt any pressure to join in.

Tables were set out so you could choose which activity you wanted to take part from cake decorating, planting a sunflower seed, making a money box and much more. The local community were more than happy to share lot of skills and were willing to give up their free time to do so.

Sallyanne and the team had a debrief after the event.

The day did go well, and Sallyanne would like to do another organised event and link it into the uniform swap morning. The idea is that this would target more families who can learn a new skill together.  

We also said a poster drop to local shops would be beneficial due to not everyone using social media.

Sallyanne is aiming for 29th July 2023 Saturday morning. Which will be the start of the uniform swap.

Ideas to include Childrens crafts from household junk (COSTING NO MONEY) to Up cycling ideas.

It was a fanatics morning; Sallyanne is hoping this will carry on for the community with the aim to save money with new skills for all the family.

The good news is – this idea will be rolled out at Kimberworth Salvation Army playgroup this September.

King’s Coronation Event / Gala

The Big Local Gala took place recently. This year’s event was tied in to celebrate the King’s Coronation too. 

It was a fantastic event with over 1500 people attending. There was plenty for everyone to do including fairground rides, axe throwing, a circus workshop, face painting, a magic show, stilt walker, inflatables, stalls, an ice cream van, and a BBQ.  The weather was kind to us and stayed dry all day.

The Big Local project first launched at a Gala in 2012 and has continued every year since, apart from during the Covid period.  Although Big Local will finish this year, it is hoped that the Gala will continue for many years to come.  An events committee has been set up and they are now constituted with a bank account, this will enable them to apply for their own funding to keep the Gala and other events running.  During the Big Local project, a Year 11 fund was also set up and this is money that has been collected/donated at events, this money will now help to fund future activities and events.

The community looks forward to the Gala each year and once again this year they all had a great time.

Quotes from community:

“It was lovey, thank you to everyone who organised it”.

“It’s been brilliant, as always”.

“Thank you to all the organisers, we really enjoyed the day”.

Silverwood Colliery Heritage Group Exhibition!

The Silverwood Colliery Heritage Group is a dedicated community organisation that seeks to preserve and promote the rich mining history of Silverwood Colliery and how mining still has an impact on the local community today. The group is led by a committed group of volunteers who all work together to make the vision of having a dedicated heritage centre of their own a reality.

The importance of keeping the history alive is vital to understanding the local communities, for preserving the cultural heritage and recognising the lessons from the miners struggles.

As Neil Bingham, the groups chair, has previously told us “We strongly believe that Silverwood Colliery has a story and a history that needs to be told and displayed for a new generation to see. A story of Hard Work, Pride Solidarity, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Hardships. Memories good and bad, a story of a place that brought unity to our community’s a place that deserves to be remembered, respected, and honoured.”

The group were approached by Clifton Park Museum to put a display into their “Test Space”. This space hosts temporary exhibits that showcase the work, lives, or history of local residents.

To prepare for the event the group ensured that the displays that they had identified to be in the exhibit were fully ready and approached the museum to use their expertise to ensure the display would have the maximum impact on visitors. The exhibit was promoted across social media platforms and local networks.

The exhibition itself offered a captivating experience for visitors, combining historical artifacts, interactive displays, and engaging storytelling. It included displays that showcased the colliery’s history, the lives of miners, the working conditions, and a video that included footage to show some of the most important historical events from the site.

Union Street Litter Pick

This highlights a remarkable litter pick event that took place in the Ferham neighbourhood of Rotherham, specifically focusing on Union Street.

Despite the modest number of community members participating, the efforts and dedication of those involved led to a significant impact. The litter pick not only demonstrated the collective power of a small group but also showcased the transformative effect that can be achieved in a short amount of time.

The Ferham community continues to face a persistent issue with litter on Union Street. Residents attending the pick highlighted Union Street again which was the location of our previous pick of the area. Although only a few members of the community participated in the litter pick, everyone was ready to get stuck in. The event was organized through a collaborative effort between the Heart of The Community, a member of the S61 Litter picking group and the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust and love where you live who provided the necessary tools and resources.

On the designated day, the community members gathered at Union Street armed with gloves, litter pickers, and sturdy bags. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and meticulously picking up litter from sidewalks, green spaces, and hidden corners until we found a litter trap on Union Street. We had found a corner that was overgrown with greenery and weeds and had become a net for catching litter.

In just over 1 one hour, we managed to collect 11 bags of litter. The transformation of the small patch of land on Union Street was quite noticeable. The area for the most part was now visibly cleaner, and we have reported it to RMBC to see if we can get the greenery cut back so that litter can be easily accessed on the next litter pick.

It was a successful litter picking event that had a small impact on Union Street. The involvement of a small group of community members served a small demonstration of what collective action can lead to tangible change. The event prompted conversations among residents, raising awareness about the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and fostering a sense of ownership for their neighbourhood as the issue continues to persist.