Tenant Involvement

Madiya met a lady at the ESOL learning sessions held at the Unity Centre. This lady, who is a council tenant, comes quite regularly to these sessions and Madiya has built that rapport and trust with this person. The lady spoke to her about her daughter who is disabled, completely bed-bound who relies on oxygen machine assistance too. She explained that her daughter’s bedroom is downstairs in what was the living room, which is next to the kitchen. The only thing between the kitchen and the living room is a door. During Ramadan, one of the other children in the household was cooking something in the oven which ended up causing a small fire in the kitchen and caused a lot of smoke. She explained how worried she had been as had it been something more serious there was no fire exit for the disabled daughter. Madiya has helped the lady get in touch with the council to explain the issue and ask for their help to modify her home. She also had information from the fire brigade team to support any further construction to the property. The council have been very supportive and done everything in their power to help the household and have now constructed the whole front side of the property. They have put a fire exit door in the room where the daughter’s bed is located. They also cleared the front garden as there was a hazard with the large tree hanging over the property and the garden was uneven. They removed the tree and levelled the front garden so it’s easier for the bed to move around in case of an emergency. The lady was impressed with how fast the council have helped and how quickly they managed to put everything together. She was grateful for the support she was receiving from Madiya and RotherFed throughout this whole process and is very happy with the outcome of her property and thankful her daughter has that safety and security.