Why Do I Come To The Community Tree?

by Dan Barron and Sam Dixon, Heart of the Community Project Workers

Kaz has been attending sessions of the Community Tree and their craft sessions since they started. Although previously a resident of Canklow, Kaz hasn’t lived on the estate for many years. Kaz finds the sessions very beneficial and currently travels from the Kimberworth Park area to attend the group. This means relying on 2 different bus services as there are no direct routes from one estate to the other.

“I’m like a homing pigeon…. a homing pigeon always returns home…. Even though I don’t live here anymore, I still come back.”

Kaz loves to be involved in all manners of activities and will regularly seek out new groups to keep herself busy.

“This group is great! It has given me the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people, even the kids join in when they’re here!!”

“We get to swap tips and ideas, we even swap materials so that we can complete our own projects!”

Kaz has a diagnosis of Parkinsons which affects not only her movement and mobility but also has an impact on her mental health. The sessions impacted Kaz positively through meeting new people with similar interests or speaking with others in a safe environment.

“I like Arts and crafts and everything…. I can do everything, just slower…. I always say got to have the bad to enjoy the good.”

“My diagnosis of Parkinsons can be detrimental to all aspects of what I do, but I have found everyone in this group to be so supportive and accepting…… I love it. All walks of life come to the group and its nice to mix with others.”

“The group helps with my mental health…. By coming to the group, I find that it perks me up and lifts me up…… “

Kaz intends to keep coming to the group as long as she can, she thinks it’s important not just for her but for everyone. She’d like to see the group widen their offer by offering a bit more variety in their activities.

“Games, like board games, or a book club. We could have someone in, once a month, to lead sessions on something new.

Something for the kids on the estate would be good……… and possibly a disabled group to support those people.”

The group are listening to suggestions coming from their community and intend on looking at different ways to expand. They also plan to work with partners locally to offer cost of living support and energy saving tips.