Swinburne Neighbourhood Centre

By Rob Gooding, Community Engagement Officer

In December the Swinburne social club took the difficult decision to close down due to dwindling numbers at sessions, this left a huge void in the resident’s life after over 5 years of group sessions.

 It was at this point that a small group of residents and ex committee members unhappy with the groups decision to close decided to take the lead and start a new resident’s group in the centre, the group aims to host coffee mornings, and games sessions for residents to enjoy.

The New Swinburne Neighbourhood group supported by RotherFed staff became constituted on 18/1/2024 and are now applying for a bank account and are looking into funding options ready to expand on the sessions they are already running.

Currently residents can enjoy 4 sessions a week the group meet for coffee and a chat. All the sessions are based in Swinburne Neighbourhood Centre and are held at the same times as the previous group to keep the consistency of the previous years.