New Years Workshop

By Janet Malsch, Community Engagement Officer

In an uplifting start to the year, Janet organised a New Year’s Workshop at the Unity Centre on both January 19th and 26th. The sessions were attended by a diverse group of 12 participants, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

The goal of the workshop was to reach out to new individuals, including council tenants and residents, and to learn more about RotherFed and the opportunities to get involved. This new approach workshop delved into the importance of establishing good routines, tracking habits, and focused on reflecting on the highlights of 2023, aspirations for 2024, and letting go of certain things to foster a positive and healthy year ahead.

The workshop attracted a total of 15 participants, including four council tenants and one BAME member. The overall feedback was highly positive, with participants expressing that they found the workshop beneficial with many creating positive habits going forward.