Leverton Way TARA

I first spoke to Peter Keyworth from Leverton Way Tara in January/February 2020 when my areas changed and Dalton/Thrybergh became part of my new area. I arranged to meet Peter and his group at the Dorothy Taylor Centre where the groups meet on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 I never got chance to do this.

I have however spoken to Peter a few times since the lockdown in March to make sure that himself and the other members of the group are doing okay, looking after themselves and to let him know that RotherFed are here to support in any way we can. Peter told me that they were all looking out for each other and helping one another where possible i.e. helping with prescriptions, shopping etc.

When I spoke to Peter a couple of months ago he told me that now the takeaways were back open he had started doing a fish and chip run every Friday lunchtime, sometimes collecting up to 35 portions at a time and then delivering them to the individual houses. This is a lovely gesture by Peter and one that his local community are very grateful for, a weekly fish and chip treat after months of not leaving the house.

The last time I spoke to Peter was a couple of weeks ago and he told me that although the group cannot yet use the Dorothy Taylor Centre, they are still awaiting go ahead from RMBC, the group are starting to meet together on a more regular basis, still adhering to the social distancing rules. They only meet outside when they are all feeling well and when the weather is nice and sunny. The group are really enjoying getting together again and having a cuppa and a chat. I have agreed to go and meet some members of the group next time they get together.

Peter continues to do the fish and chip run every Friday lunchtime, which has proved to be a great success with his local community and something they look forward to. When it is nice some of them sit outside and eat their fish and chips together.

A lovely example of a Tara working together to support each other when it is most needed.

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