East Herringthorpe Litter Pickers

By Rob Gooding, Community Organiser

Natalie set up the East Herringthorpe litter picking group a year ago because she was fed up with the amount of rubbish on the street spoiling the view from her home. In that time the group have managed to remove 367 black bags of litter that works out to around 4 tones of rubbish or around 92 Wheelie bins from East Herringthorpe, as well as areas of fly tipping and blocked drains that have all been reported to street pride.

Natalie has noticed that since she started the group they have had to go further and further on their picks to get the same amount of litter as when they started a year ago. The group have set a challenge to themselves to double that amount this coming year. The group have noticed other residents following in their footsteps and holding their own small litter picks through the estate. This has lead the group to start a Green Campaign in the area to help educate people about what can be recycled in each bin to try and reduce the amount of household rubbish that is dumped in the areas green spaces, and to try and improve the look and use of the green spaces. Already the group have around 10 people interested in the campaign all bringing their own ideas of how the aims can be met.

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