Friendship Calls Volunteer – Sarah

I saw the Rotherham Hero’s programme adver-tised in the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic and instantly felt that sense of inclusivity and ca-maraderie that I believe ultimately underpins our community; I applied to join as a volunteer tele-phone befriender immediately and loved every minute of it. The application process was simple and well executed, and I was pleased to receive a telephone induction and useful reference docu-ments that helped me fulfil my duties. As well as this though, the continual online and telephone support from the RotherFed team really helped me to feel like a part of something bigger, like a valued part of that community. As for the be-friending role itself, it has been a privilege to take part in the scheme, and to chat each week with people who I knew would benefit in some small way from hearing a friendly voice at the end of the telephone, as I in turn benefitted from hearing theirs’. Thanks again for the opportunity to volun-teer with the befriending team, I feel very fortu-nate to have taken part in the scheme.

Best wishes, Sarah