Friendship Calls Volunteer – Ras

Ras joined RotherFed in May in response to a call for friendship calls for those living through COVID-19 that are socially isolated or just lonely. This is what he had to say;

I’ve been working as a volunteer with the befriending service since May. I originally signed up as a Rotherham Hero to deliver food and essentials to residents who were shielding and through this was contacted by RotherFed who asked if I would like to do this instead. I’ve always been a people person, so it seemed like a perfect fit.’
‘I’m now retired but I have spent all of my working life in customer facing roles, so I’m used to talking to different types of people and enjoy getting to know people from all backgrounds. I currently make three calls a week to residents who either want a chat, or just have someone to listen to them. Lots of residents who are shielding are lonely or bored and simply want some company. Just a small amount of time out of my day can make a real difference to somebody’s week which is really rewarding.