Friendship Call Volunteer – Sue

Sue started her volunteer journey as a Rotherham Hero’s volunteer. It was during lockdown that a call was made to support those who were socially isolated or lonely with a friendly call from a volunteer. Sue then went over to be a friendship volunteer this is what she has to say;

As a befriender volunteer I found it works in two ways. I want to and hope that I am helping people and making a positive difference to service user’s varied lives. Sometimes they may be lonely, bored, or isolated. By being able to listen, offer friendship support, empathy, and a friendly non-judgemental ear I am honoured that they can share their worries or life stories. The calls can also potentially identify if they have any needs or concerns with which they may need help.
My life has been enriched by hearing about their various interests, joyous and, occasionally about their sad times. Speaking with diverse service users is more rewarding and satisfying than I could have expected. I now appreciate my own situation more and hope I am becoming a better and more understanding person.