Community Organiser Regional Meet Up

Community Organisers Regional Meet Up hosted by Co-Collaborative Ltd. Building on the one-day Introduction to Community Organising training, community listening’s and previous network gatherings, this is an opportunity to ask ourselves;

  • What we can do together that we cannot do on our own?
  • How can we use the power of the Yorkshire network to strengthen what we are doing, support each other and to take-action on the things that together we care about most?

The national network is already mobilising around the issue of benefits sanctioning and Universal Credit – is this an issue you care about? Find out how you can get involved in our national campaign.

A buffet lunch will be supplied.

Who can attend?
Anyone who is a member of Community Organisers
Anyone who has completed the one day Introduction to Community Organising workshop
Individuals in your communities that would benefit from the one day Introduction to Community Organising workshop

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Future of Social Housing – Meeting Report

The Future of Social Housing was the theme of a major Rotherham Federation meeting on Friday 26th January 2018, attended by over 100 people. As well as speakers, there were workshops on a number of themes including building more social housing, who is social housing for, the perception of social housing tenants and the role of tenants’ voices.

Meeting Report

As well as tenants from Rotherham there were tenants from Lincoln, Doncaster and Leeds in attendance. One of the organisers Steve Ruffle CEO of Rotherham Federation said “having a safe and secure home is important to all of us. This meeting was an important one for everyone as the future of social housing is a key issue for our time.”