Silverwood Colliery Heritage Group Exhibition!

The Silverwood Colliery Heritage Group is a dedicated community organisation that seeks to preserve and promote the rich mining history of Silverwood Colliery and how mining still has an impact on the local community today. The group is led by a committed group of volunteers who all work together to make the vision of having a dedicated heritage centre of their own a reality.

The importance of keeping the history alive is vital to understanding the local communities, for preserving the cultural heritage and recognising the lessons from the miners struggles.

As Neil Bingham, the groups chair, has previously told us “We strongly believe that Silverwood Colliery has a story and a history that needs to be told and displayed for a new generation to see. A story of Hard Work, Pride Solidarity, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Hardships. Memories good and bad, a story of a place that brought unity to our community’s a place that deserves to be remembered, respected, and honoured.”

The group were approached by Clifton Park Museum to put a display into their “Test Space”. This space hosts temporary exhibits that showcase the work, lives, or history of local residents.

To prepare for the event the group ensured that the displays that they had identified to be in the exhibit were fully ready and approached the museum to use their expertise to ensure the display would have the maximum impact on visitors. The exhibit was promoted across social media platforms and local networks.

The exhibition itself offered a captivating experience for visitors, combining historical artifacts, interactive displays, and engaging storytelling. It included displays that showcased the colliery’s history, the lives of miners, the working conditions, and a video that included footage to show some of the most important historical events from the site.