Union Street Litter Pick

This highlights a remarkable litter pick event that took place in the Ferham neighbourhood of Rotherham, specifically focusing on Union Street.

Despite the modest number of community members participating, the efforts and dedication of those involved led to a significant impact. The litter pick not only demonstrated the collective power of a small group but also showcased the transformative effect that can be achieved in a short amount of time.

The Ferham community continues to face a persistent issue with litter on Union Street. Residents attending the pick highlighted Union Street again which was the location of our previous pick of the area. Although only a few members of the community participated in the litter pick, everyone was ready to get stuck in. The event was organized through a collaborative effort between the Heart of The Community, a member of the S61 Litter picking group and the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust and love where you live who provided the necessary tools and resources.

On the designated day, the community members gathered at Union Street armed with gloves, litter pickers, and sturdy bags. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and meticulously picking up litter from sidewalks, green spaces, and hidden corners until we found a litter trap on Union Street. We had found a corner that was overgrown with greenery and weeds and had become a net for catching litter.

In just over 1 one hour, we managed to collect 11 bags of litter. The transformation of the small patch of land on Union Street was quite noticeable. The area for the most part was now visibly cleaner, and we have reported it to RMBC to see if we can get the greenery cut back so that litter can be easily accessed on the next litter pick.

It was a successful litter picking event that had a small impact on Union Street. The involvement of a small group of community members served a small demonstration of what collective action can lead to tangible change. The event prompted conversations among residents, raising awareness about the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and fostering a sense of ownership for their neighbourhood as the issue continues to persist.