Residents Form Swinburne Social Club

A group of residents have worked to form a committee and the group ‘Swinburne Social Club’

Over the last year Rotherham Federation has supported a group of residents to come together to tackle the issues and social isolation they were facing in their own community, during the last 5 months the residents have been working to put everything needed in place such as their constitution, a bank account and starting to raise funds.

They have worked with RMBC in getting their residents centre re-decorated and have put on community engagement activities including a mothers day lunch. The group have undergone food hygiene and first aid training so they are well equipped to run more events in the future.

The group are now planning a jumble sale in hope to raise more funds for to allow them to develop more activities. Rotherham Federation has supported the group by listening to their issues and directing them on how to address them, for the future they are keen to engage with their Area Housing Panels and develop projects looking at more lighting for the community.

Earlier in the year Rotherham Federation recognised the work they have achieved in such little time and they were awarded with a silver group award. If you want to be involved with the group they meet for a cuppa and a chat at the Swinburne residents centre in Herringthorpe every Tuesday and Thursday at 1.30pm. Everyone is always welcome!

Swinburne Social Club

This was taken from our Autumn ‘Connect’ newsletter. Click here to read the newsletter.