East Herringthorpe Litter Pickers

Local East Herringthorpe resident, Natalie approached Community Organiser Penny Thompson after a concern of the amount of rubbish thrown on the streets.

Natalie and Penny discussed potential solutions to the waste on the streets and Natalie was passionate about ‘doing something to help her own community’. Penny suggested she attend Community Organiser training in order to equip her with the skills and knowledge when working with the community.

Natalie was excited with the idea to lead a community clean-up in the area, dates for the clean up and partners to involve were discussed including Street Pride’s ‘Love Where You Live’ Wayne Munroe-Smith, High Greave School and Tesco. Another ex-resident, Michael also suggested the Titans Rugby Club who may be able to donate game match tickets for the under 16s.

They agreed what we needed to complete, a poster was designed and the event was promoted through social media as well as through links with the local school and community champion at Tesco. Natalie with the support of Michael contacted Street Pride, The Titans, RotherFM, and The Advertiser.

Natalie planned where the litter pick would take place and on the day, 1st August, 2 members of the Yorkshire Party Chris Whitwood and Jack Carrington came to support the event. They all rolled up their sleeves and began cleaning around the disused ground on Laudsdale Road and Lady Oak Crescent, with lots of residents supporting Natalie’s idea of promoting civic pride. 

After 2 hours, over 30 bags of rubbish had been collected as well items that managed to fill a council pick up van. The litter pick was thoroughly enjoyed so much it will be becoming a weekly event.

Every Thursday there will be a clean up 9am—11am, meeting at High Greave School gates. With the support of Love Where You Live the group was given litter picks, high visibility jackets, black bags and hoops as well as a trolley for those with mobility issues who still wish to get involved. Contact Penny Thompson for more information or if you’d like to be involved in East Herringthorpe.

This was taken from our Autumn ‘Connect’ newsletter. Click here to read the newsletter.