Open Arms

By the Open Arms Team

Originally, Samuel had come along to Dalton to enquire about renting the Parish Hall for his nephew’s upcoming birthday party. However, there was no staff on duty that day and instead of turning him away, the Open Arms team invited him inside and offered a comforting hot drink.

Once Samuel settled in, the Open Arms team spoke to him about the project and the help available. It turned out that Samuel had a range of concerns and issues for which he was seeking guidance. Samuel, along with his wife and children, had recently made a significant move from London to Rotherham, primarily due to family ties in the area. Their transition to a new life had proven challenging, with struggles related to mental health and isolation becoming apparent.

During their conversation, Samuel opened up about a variety of pressing matters that had been weighing on his mind. These included concerns about water & energy prices, for which Morgan the Citizen Advice Rotherham & District Energy Advisor helped him with.

Samuel had been trying to find an NHS dentist led to a referral to Rotherham Health Watch, which could offer guidance in finding suitable dental care. The conversation also turned towards improving his mental health, with a list of local social groups provided to help him and his wife connect with others in their new community.

As the discussion unfolded, it became evident that Samuel was facing housing issues related to his last flat based in London. The team suggested that he reach out to the Citizen Advice housing team for expert assistance.

The encounter at Dalton Parish Hall Open Arms was a testament to the power of community support and the positive impact it can have on individuals facing various challenges in life. Samuel’s visit, initially driven by a simple enquiry, turned into a moment of compassion and empowerment that could help him navigate the complexities of his new chapter in Rotherham.