Mature Millers Group

Energy Know How received a call from Derek (group organiser) at the end of October 2022. He had been speaking to someone he knows that had attended (or had connections to) the dementia cafes in Rotherham. They had mentioned that we had given information about energy help schemes and access to free draught proofing and he wanted to know if it was possible to talk to his group of pensioners who were all football fans.

He explained they meet on Mondays at Brentwood hotel to discuss the weeks football, and that there are around 25 of them. Derek suggested talking to the group as a whole which I agreed to but then offered to go around afterwards to check whether anyone had any questions they did not want to ask in front of everyone. Sharon agreed they would attend on 7th November.

Noor and Sharon attended. After the group had discussed the weeks games and analysed their team’s performance, they joined them. They explained the help schemes that are currently available to help people with the current energy crisis, they discussed ways to save energy including having smart meters and energy saving tips. They also explained about the greendoctor service.

The group were very engaging and asked lots of questions, this was the most in-depth and engaging group that they had visited so far and almost everyone had something to add or a question to ask. It was fantastic to have such detailed conversations with a group of gentlemen who would ordinarily have only discussed football.

Several of the attendees requested visits from the greendoctor service for draught proofing measures and all attendees were offered a print of the help schemes to take away for reference or to share with friends and family.