Casting Innovations

Throughout the cost-of-living crisis everyone is now enduring higher costs throughout the country. Casting Innovations is a social enterprise based in Canklow, their remit is to use recycled properties to create pieces of art.

“We offer a fun casual creative space to learn new forms of craft. We have a regular attendance of residents visiting Casting Innovations to learn Polymer clay crafting, painting, mould casting, sewing, and crocheting. Promoting education around recycling, discovery of crafts and creating an outlet for positive mental health are core of everything we do.”

“We have up to 12 volunteers who support us to deliver our services by: helping with casting moulds, maintaining the property, and helping our visitors, crafters, Canklow’s community projects. We are heavily reliant on the volunteers who support Casting Innovations to deliver our services.”

Casting Innovations was forced to reduce its community engagement offering to 3 days out of 5 due to raising running costs. We worked with Lee to create a CLF funding application that would support them to upgrade their lighting and reduce their bills. Lee’s applications was successful, and he managed to secure funding to replace the lights.

“The impact that the lights had are immediate and estimates that the bulbs will save the social enterprise £500 per year. Although the venue won’t be able to open straight away this has brought our plans forward to be able to do so. The funding will also benefit our workshops as the energy efficient lighting has been selected specifically for the workstations so residents can work in an effective environment. It also supports our long-term aim to become a green organisation.”

The instalments also means that the venue now requires less bulbs due to the modern LED technology have higher lumens and a smaller energy output. Lee has expressed that it has taken some of financial pressure off their shoulders. It means that we don’t have to worry about bills and relieves a stress on the organization which can focus on engaging with the community.