Making Our Money Go Further

By Sharon Smith and Lynn Clarkson, Community Energy Advisors

We met a group of ladies at the Salvation Army Kimberworth Playgroup, who were happy to engage in conversation with regards to budgeting, money and saving money.

They shared amongst themselve some idea to save money,

“We share mealtimes at each other’s homes”.

“Help each other save money”.

“Save clothing to pass on to younger children”.

“Food share / bulk buying food”.

These ladies have a strong friendship that brings out the best in each other and just a small amount of change can be positive. They have found themselves in situations where support is needed but have helped each other.

Moving forward they said would they like to start growing their own vegetables and pass all the good ideas on to others.

Upon reflecting on the morning and the feedback from the ladies, they expressed a desire that they would like to do more and that they were quite focussed and strong willed.

We will support them to move forward and keep this good story going, we will also have regularly updates over the coming months.