Heart of the Community – Meeting with Volunteers

This project has started with a big focus on uncovering little acts of kindness, people giving their time within communities to help others. This approach means that we are having conversations with people and uncovering those that are already proactive within their neighbourhoods, one of these people is one of the residents of Canklow.

New to the estate, in terms of how certain residents feel, Dayle moved to Canklow about 13 years ago. She cares for her disabled partner full time but wants to do more within the village to help people come together and make more of a sense of community.

She has been involved in the creation of the new community group Wooly Kuddles. The aim of this group is to bring people together to learn and share ideas of how to knit and crochet, as well as giving group members a space to go to, to get away from their regular routine and giving them an activity where they can achieve something tangible. Dayle has got loads of ideas for community activity, her biggest idea is for a weeklong project called “Love tha Neighbour”. This would be a project that would be encouraging the residents of Canklow to engage in little acts of kindness. We discussed various ideas of activity that could be done that week, one was having a World picnic where everyone brings and shares food that is important to them, this could be something cultural or just something that reminds them of their past.