Heart of the Community Road Show

We have begun our roadshows with partners and community groups this month. Firstly we have worked with several groups the first of note being the RNN group. We were able to host a stand in daytime hours and was invited to a volunteer event at the college. Over the 2 roadshows with the RNN group we were able to secure 22 pledge cards and micro volunteer helpers and 37 recipients of acts of kindness. We have been able to create a positive relationship with Chloe Spafford, who oversees community social action activities through the college. We have also hosted roadshows within the Wharncliffe area for which we have recorded 15 pledges and have begun speaking with 4 potential volunteers.

We followed up and created a meeting with 2 residents from our roadshows. Ben does not want to be turning up at events he wants to “lead events” and take charge of community activities. So we will collaborate with Ben to promote the idea of a community hub across the Masbrough area. Ben has agreed for us to send him a volunteer form and we are exploring the area for community assets. Ben has specifically shown interest in hosting cooking lessons, getting involved in RMBC scrutiny panels and interacting with services for the area. Emily is looking to host social events such as coffee morning with potentially other activities such as crocheting and is also interested in RMBC scrutiny panels. It was a very positive meeting and we have set an estimated time to meet again.

Our roadshows are proving that there are engaging in little acts of kindness in their daily lives but also those who want to find a way to get into volunteering. Building on this we contacted and met with Marie Shadwick from the DWP and are now actively working with the DWP at events in Rotherham.

Our roadshows are proving to be a real asset to the project in speaking with residents highlighting the little acts of kindness and attracting residents who want to become involved in volunteering.