“Heart of the Community” at Rotherham Show

It’s that time of year again where RotherFed attend the Rotherham show. This year we decided the Heart of the Community project was going to spread the love and good vibrations on both days of the show. We were astonished at the response we have had to the luau stand and how residents are helping those who need it know matter how small the task. A whopping 1023 Rotherham residents embraced the Luau theme and our mission to discover the little acts of kindness. We’ve estimated from 1023 pledges over 1500 residents will benefit. We have found that residents are supporting each other in a variety of ways such as taking out the bins, looking after a friend, raising money for Charity, helping people find their car and so much more! We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend speaking with residents, groups, and the service providers and having fun at the stall. Here are just a few examples of what we talked about with you:

“Plumbing for the elderly and don’t charge them”

“Raise money for an orphanage through Badminton”

“Played Santa free of Charge for over 300 kids.”

“I picked some litter up off of my street”

“I’m kind to wildlife”

“I raised over £1000 for charity from singing”

“Helped my best friend get out of her abusive household”

“Looking after a friend who lost his wife by phoning and meeting home for lunch”

“I make friendship bracelets for my friends at school”

“I saved my Dad’s life”

“I help my disabled neighbour with everyday tasks”

“I do shopping for my elderly neighbour and check in on him”

“Give someone a compliment and make them feel good”

“I would volunteer at the church in Rotherham”

“Raise money and awareness for those struggling with their mental health”

“Helped a farmer rescue 2 cows”

“Get to know more people our street and help where I can”

“I shared my new toy with my brother”

“Help people who need support to access support”

“I’m going to Kenya to help children”

“Help more with the homeless and in the community”

“I helped out with Rotherham hospice”

“do the best i can at my voluntary work and help new people settle in”

“Helping my uncle through his cancer and helping him through his day-to-day life”

“Raised £55,000 for a little boy with cancer”

“Helped a lady find her car when she lost where she had parked it when shopping”

“Volunteer at age UK as a befriender for isolation. I help people that can’t speak English”

“Saved a missing raised £500 running 2k for 5 days”

“I will run the Sheffield half marathon 2023”

“I volunteer at Rotherham social supermarket”

“I volunteer at parkrun Cusworth each week”

I help support elderly with shopping.

I’ve learned so many positive things about residents and how they help others every day. Everyone we spoke to was enjoying the show and happy to get into the Luau spirit wearing the floral garlands and writing down a pledge. The majority of residents couldn’t think of anything to pledge but after speaking about what they do so many people discovered they do small positive acts every day, It was a great weekend where we learned about so many people’s personal stories both good and bad but they still have found time to help others.

Dan Barron, Heart of the Community Project Worker

There was an incredible to response to our project at the show. The outstanding act of kindness for me was the story from a little girl who had lost one of her classmates last year. Her parent told me that the young girl was struggling with the concept that she would never see her friend again. They came up with the idea to create a fairy garden at the young boy’s grave site. So with permission from the family of the young boy that’s exactly what they’ve done, people who knew the youngster regularly add to the garden and its now seen as a place to celebrate a young boys memory. The little girl was going to take her garlands and add them to the garden that afternoon, so I gave her two.

Sam Dixon, Heart of the Community Project Worker

Partner Quotes:

“I’ve fed back to Phil just how busy our marquee was over the weekend and how your garlands brought everyone in. It was the busiest I’ve seen our marquee and I can’t speak for the Sunday, but the Saturday had a really lively, festival feel, it was great.  Always great working with you both, glad it was a good weekend for you, and look forward to the next event”

Voluntary Action Rotherham

Pleased that it proved to be a great success for you all and we look forward to doing it again.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council