The Circus comes to Warreners Drive

The Lets Circus tent had been one of the main attractions at Rotherham show. Seeing the buzz they created, we decided to look at their social media to see how the group engaged in the community and saw this advertised on their facebook account.

“It’s not every day that the circus comes to town and invites everyone over 55 to come and play. But that’s what we’re doing If you’re over 55 and want to do something fun, different, and exciting, then this is for you. Come join Let’s Circus for a day or three, as part of our adult participation programme. Come for a session, or we can bring an activity to a community group near you.

We contacted the group at Warreners Drive and asked if they would be interested in this activity. At first the group were quite dubious as none of them knew quite what to expect. This sort of activity is not readily available in our communities so we couldn’t even give them an idea of what was going to happen to put their minds at ease.

Steve, Demetri and Scribbles arrived with plenty of enthusiasm and a bag of tricks. They opened with an Icebreaking and memory exercise that had the group laughing and joking within minutes. There were spinning plates and plenty of activities for the whole group to get involved in. The session was enjoyed by everyone and there was some great feedback for the lets circus team.

“I would like to say how much I appreciated the fun we all enjoyed.”

Margaret B

“Brilliant fun, very therapeutic. Please come again.”


“We all quite unexpectedly enjoyed every ‘task’!!!”

Margaret F

“Great. Sorry I couldn’t stay until the end”


“It was a very good, enjoyable few hours”


“Was very good. Really enjoyed it. Hope to do it again.”


“Amazing!! Really enjoyed by all. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

If there was the opportunity for Lets Circus to deliver an activity within the community again, we know one group that would definitely want to be involved.