Good to Grow Community Allotment

During discussions with various groups and organisations there has been a recurring suggestion for a group to be formed for people who want to grow their own food. Not everyone has a suitable space to do this so a community allotment garden might be what they are looking for. Spaces should be as accessible and inclusive as possible so that there are no barriers for anyone to get involved if they want to. We contacted the Rotherham Allotment Alliance to find out if they have any suitable sites that are accessible for people who may use public transport and who may also have disabilities.
They suggested the Rectory Field site at Rawmarsh East might be suitable for a community plot as they had a vacant plot that, until recently, had been used by a local school.

The plot is a reasonable size, accessible, fully fenced and has a greenhouse and chemical toilet.

Volunteers would be needed to help clear the plot first of any debris, and install raised beds, paths, and a seating area. The greenhouse provides space for indoor growing and shelter so could be adapted too. Another plot there is used by the Salvation Army who are very helpful and interested in helping if a group decides to use the plot.

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