Friendship Call Participant – Leanne

Leanne came to us in February from Social Prescribing. She suffers with multiple sclerosis and had refused any help. She was also caring for her poorly mum. Her mum recently passed away and Leanne was unable to attend the funeral as she had to isolate waiting for a hip operation. She has a high risk of falls but still drives. She was out and about one day and her leg froze and she had a small accident and because of this her hip operation was brought forward. Leanne was due to have her second Covid jab and as she was going into hospital she was not be able to attend the jab and was really panicked about it.

The volunteer, who also volunteers as a vaccine clinic got her booked in where she volunteers, arranged transport to get her there and volunteer and participant got to meet face to face and Leanne managed to get her second jab thanks to the extended work her volunteer. Leanne got her hip operation, and is home recovering well and has now also accepted that she needs some care.

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