Friendship Calls – Ras and John

John was referred to us in October. This was his assessment;

‘Suffers with Mental health, aggression, anxiety and depression. Tinkers in scrap metal, enjoys fishing. Does get really down and can get tearful on the phone, may also swear but this is only in desperation because of the depression, I found him to be a very open and honest young man, he also does have an addiction to Cannabis, would like a male volunteer as he says it will horrify him if he swore and there was a lady on the end of the phone’.

John was placed with Ras, and they have now built up a really good relationship on the phone with John really opening up to Ras and sharing everything he is going through. John has informed me that he really does enjoy the calls as it given him something to really look forward to because of everything he is going through. Here are a couple of report backs from Ras’s notes;

‘John was a bit down as he had been to the hospital with his ‘ex-missus” who is expecting a baby (she is 20 weeks pregnant). Looks like there may be a problem and she will have to go to Sheffield for a baby scan (some issue with the brain). John is trying to stay positive – and keeping focused on supporting his ex-missus during this difficult time. ‘

John had just got up and had his ex-missus (she is called Nicky) and the kids round. The eldest one is 9 today. He is still sleeping in a tent outside (he tells me that it is a 4-man tent) but he is okay as he has an electric heater plugged into the extension and also has plenty of warm bedding! Nicky has an appointment at the hospital next week for another scan and check on the baby – and John thinks she is having a check every 2 weeks to monitor the pregnancy.

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