Friendship Call Participant – Lucy

Lucy was a self-referral into the service from the crisis team in July. Lucy had severe depression, due to previous abuse. Lucy lost her father and her mother is terminally ill and she is receiving abuse counselling. When I (Jane) made phone calls to Lucy, she was always tearful on the phone and it was evident that she was not coping well. I managed to stabilise her a bit and she was then transferred over to one of our volunteers. The report back from the volunteer was concerning as Lucy seemed to be going back and forth between a very tearful state to very infrequent good days. Both the volunteer and I continued to call her regularly – and here are some of the report backs from the volunteer over the last couple of week.

Lucy continues to be bright in mood and is motivated to change her life. She spoke about having been out with her eldest daughter and her granddaughter. She talked a little about the death of her mother and how this has impacted upon her life however, it is evident that she is now coming to terms with her bereavement and moving forward. When I called she had been getting ready to go out with her daughter so we cut our chat short to enable her to carry on with her plans. I have arranged to call her again early next week.

We only a brief chat as she was out walking around the Manvers Lake with her daughter and the dog. Lucy said she was feeling okay asked if I could contact her later this afternoon. I rang Lucy late afternoon she said how much she had enjoyed being out with her daughter today and that they had planned to visit the area again. Lucy chatted about things she had done in the last week had been putting some more new furniture together and that this had been keeping her mind occupied and distracted her from negative thoughts. We talked about the light show at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park that I am due to visit. Lucy was going to pass on details to her daughter as she felt she might like to visit the park. Lucy has requested further contact next week unable to set a firm date as she had not yet made any plans of her own.

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