Energy Case Study

Energy Know How attend the Rotherham foodbank at hope church every fortnight and I attended on 18th November 2021.

One of the first people to attend to collect their food parcel was a gentleman in his late 50’s. Whilst he was waiting for his food to be brought to him, I tried to engage him in conversation by commenting that it had dropped cold and just asked him “are you managing to keep warm?”

He did not answer immediately however, I could see from his face that this question had had a significant effect on him, and he composed himself and then said “no… to be honest I don’t know how I am going to manage the winter”

At this point his bags of food were brought to him and I got up and said to him, come with me… I walked with him to my car which was parked just outside the foodbank. I gave the gentleman a Winter Warmth Pack given to us by Greendoctors and which contained a blanket, hot water bottle, hat, gloves, socks, snood, led lightbulb and an insulated mug.

The chap then explained he was staying in emergency accommodation as all his belongings had been destroyed. He had lived in a flat and there had been a leak upstairs which brought down his ceiling – unfortunately, it was discovered there was asbestos in the ceiling so all his belongings were ruined and he was not allowed to have them back. He then said he was drinking tea and coffee from an old pot noodle carton.

He was very close to tears and just said – you will never know how much this means to me…

Although he was not given specific energy advice on this occasion, he was told that we attend the foodbank regularly and was given a leaflet with our contact details on. These details are also on display within the foodbank waiting area. He was encouraged to get in touch with us via the foodbank or directly when he is in more stable accommodation as we will be able to offer support with his energy needs and will be able to refer to other support organisations should he need them.

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