Friendship Call Participant – George

George suffers with depression and anxiety since the death of his sister 4 years ago. They were very close and she was like a mother to him. He appears to have some form of PTSD and has gained a lot of weight which has reduced his confidence. George likes computers and gaming, his social life is mostly on media platforms. His Mum is waiting for a hip operation which is causing him stress.

06/08 – Had quite a long chat with George who seemed grateful for the call. He seems to be doing well, he is going to a gym session once a week and is going to start a yoga class as well shortly. So he is getting out a little. Plus he has a social carer who checks in with him too. He is looking forward and positive, spoke of taking driving lessons and also wants to look into doing some volunteering when he has worked on himself a little more.

20/08 – Good to catch up with George. He is now going to the gym twice a week which he enjoys and is keen to get out more, he would like information on anything RotherFed have planned going forward in terms of social activities / groups. His Mum’s hip operation is now scheduled for October so fingers crossed it happens after a couple of postponements due to COVID etc. We talked about what games we play on Xbox etc. and ended up on the phone for 50 minutes! Really enjoy chatting with him.

08/09 – George seemed to be in a positive frame of mind again which was great to hear. He has had a meeting about getting some permanent care in place for a few hours a week to help him with his anxiety and depression. He is also pleased about his Mum finally getting her operation and is helping his daughter with her baby. He should be receiving his provisional licence shortly so is looking forward to booking some driving lessons.

09/09 – Had a quick chat after calling to say I’d spoken to Nic and someone will be in touch soon about upcoming community / social events.

23/09 – Had a long chat with George which is always a pleasure. Chatted about music, TV, the Gym etc. He seemed in a good mood and is getting out for little walks and doing more exercise as is keen to lose a bit of weight.

08/10 – George was in good form. He’s getting out for walks and has some home care sorted finally to help him tidy his house up and do some redecorating. He’s gone to see a friend a couple of times recently and he also mentioned that RotherFed had been in touch about community / social stuff. He is keen to get involved.

25/10 – Had a long chat with George, he seems to be getting things in order with the help of the carers. He’s getting out and about, going shopping for food, new clothes etc. Unfortunately his Mum had her op cancelled again as she isn’t strong enough at the moment so would be a risk. Other than that he seems to be doing really well and spoke positively.

10/11 – Good catch up with George. The support he is getting is clearly working as he is getting out more and more. He’s been to the pub and has a trip to the bowling alley planned. His driving licence is also on it’s way which he is delighted about as it’s been a saga that’s gone on for months and months!

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