Ferham Community Group

By Dan Barron, Community Organiser

The Ferham Community Group started over a year ago at the beginning of the pandemic with roughly 50 members. Now the online community page hosts 357 members. Kadeer has preserved with a consistent message” be the change you want to see”. It has not always been smooth sailing with engagement on the page but Kadeer’s message is starting to get through to the community. By conversing with those who only have negative comments and speaking with services Kadeer is building a community to create positive change. This is because he leads by example and now the community are starting to take notice.

He has been the leading light of the Ferham Community Group throughout the lockdown. The group have been speaking community service local authority representatives and services from the voluntary sector creating plans to positively impacts the issues that currently face Ferham. This includes the recent Moving in Nature project being coordinated by Kate Green. Kadeer was able to bring local knowledge of Ferham park in the development stage of the project. He also attended the artists activities that engaged with residents about what they would like to see changed in Ferham Park.

Over the last month few months Kadeer has hosted both online and face to face meetings with services and residents. At first it was mainly services attending the meetings. There are now more residents attending than services. The group are discussing how to impact their community positively by working together with services.

A bin amnesty event will take place in June in the area. This will support residents to get rid of any unwanted refuse whilst also promoting how to dispose of waste properly.  The FCG will also be supporting with a litter pick where they will speak to residents and promote the Ferham Community Group. The aim of the event is to show the Ferham community that members of the area are ready to step up and make change happen.

Additionally Kadeer is organising a 5 a side tournament football tournament for Ferham Residents. They are working along side RUCST and community street leaders to be able to create a fun day of competition for the Ferham Community.

Kadeer is a standout community leader that is creating conversation. The group meetings have attracted 11 community members to Ferham park in one session to speak about the issues Ferham is currently facing. On top of that Kadeer has started to create a committee for the group. As a result the group are looking at creating a constitution and applying for funding if the momentum continues. Kadeer is a credit to his community and strives forward with passion creating the change with the Ferham Community Group.

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