Rotherham Gaming Community

By Dan Barron, Community Organiser

The gaming group is now at 74 members on Facebook, and Dan is now posting for the group on Instagram. I will be speaking with Benji the group moderator and community lead about finalising the venue and plans for the May 17th guidance change.

The group wants to get a physical meet up as soon as possible. We have created a poll to see what people want to do with the first tutorial painting and testing army models. We are also looking at buying some supplies and building the first gaming board to be created by the gaming group so that attendees can being to practice war gaming! We have spoken to the lanes to start confirming dates now we are out of lockdown. Benji has started a painting competition in members are taking part in. Each member will receive a model to paint, and they will be posted in a poll to the group to decide on which model is the winner.

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