East Herringthorpe Group Becomes Constituted

By Penny Thompson, Community Organiser

Following from the success of the Easter Extravaganza and recognising and confirming the skills capacity with the residents who hosted the event. The group has now decided to formalise themselves as a constituted group.

I have supported the group with skills audit, which allowed the group to reflect on their own individual and group skills, such as creative writing which can be utilised for promotional activities as well as writing donation letters to local organisations and companies. This will also be useful for when the group begins to apply for funding. I also recognised the group is very effective at strategical timelines so I have supported and encouraged the group to assess a timeline of the short, medium and long term objectives and how to measure the impacts of the type of activities they would like to deliver.

In order for the group to recognise and put on events/activities I have recommended that some participants from the group attend the introduction to community organising training and listening training. The group have decided that the chairperson from the group will attend training as well as taking part in peer mentoring support, this was received very well by the group. This will ensure that the group will learn around listening and taking action but more importantly giving the group the power to make their own decisions.

I have given group information on the different roles required within a formal group, also giving them the opportunity and time to think about what the ultimate aim of the group and the objectives they would need to deliver to meet their needs. I have motivated and supported the group to make informed decisions for themselves.

The group has now decided on and identified the natural leaders and have voted on who will take particular roles within the committee. The group is also beginning to identify what community resources are available and any gaps within the resources they require. First event they are looking to organise is a family fun sports day working in partnership with the local school in the East Herringthorpe area. They are also assessing how financial sustainable the group can be so will be requesting a minimum booking fee from participants. The group will also look to apply for local council funding for their public liability and to purchase resources. From purchasing resources group has decided to advertise them for donation hire i.e. sumo suits, bouncy castle, tug of war etc for their future financial sustainability.

I have also supported the group with their constitution which not only describes aims for events but also for the members to have personal social and professional development. Group will try to source training that will assist on building their capacity in a variety of areas.

I have discussed with the group the benefits of becoming Rotherham Federation members. I will now support the group with the application. Groups next step is to become members and apply for their DBS checks. They will also be promoting for volunteers and members.

The group is also looking to run a young people group once a week for 6-17 year olds they are deciding upon which venue will be best suited from the asset map that has been completed, the group is also advertising to recruitment more volunteers for the weekly activity. I have signposted the group to RMBC online training for them to complete Introduction to safeguarding, health & safety and professional boundaries. I have discussed Jade youth club and the group will be making contact to go and review to see if the similar set up will work in the East Herringthorpe area.