Employment – Engagement Officer

By Louise Johnson, Employment Coach

A new client attended our job club on a Monday and said she has recently been let go from her job as a recruiter due to personal circumstance.

After a loss in her family, she was only allowed 5 days off work for bereavement and so went back to her job as a recruiter but couldn’t handle the pressure and stress she was under. It was a mutual decision between her and her employer to leave the job.

She said she needed to find work ASAP and would consider going back to working in a call centre. We talked through her career options, and the strengths she had gained working as a recruiter and her salary expectations might not be met working back in a call centre. I suggested she look at more specialised work e.g. employment advisor, engagement officer etc.

The next week the client attended the job club and said she had an interview the next day for an Engagement Officer. We ran through interview questions and had a mock interview which she performed quite well. I gave her a few tips and advised her to ask about whether a particular direct competitor of theirs would have a negative effect on their business. She took lots of notes and said that she was feeling much more confident about going into the interview.

I called the client after the interview and she said it went well and they were partially impressed that she knew about the competitor. She was offered the job and started on Monday 19th June 2019. She has contacted me a few times regarding what to do for references, ID documents etc I was able to guide and reassure her, so she can succeed in her new job. I will continue to support her while she is in work.