Connex Volunteer – Susan

Susan applied to become a Connex volunteer. She is a young mum of two young daughters and lives on her own. She also suffers with anxiety and depression. When I received the application, I had an initial discussion on the phone with her, and arranged to meet her in town for a coffee to discuss the role in more detail going forward.

When Susan arrived, she was so nervous and unsure, as she has never worked, nor done anything much in her life except raise her children. She was unsure about the role and how the meeting would progress. We rapidly put her at her ease and explained in detail how the project would work. She was very happy with the outcome. I followed up with her that afternoon to see how she was and as we had established at the meeting she was also a council tenant.

My thought was that before we placed her with an individual to support under Connex, she attends some of our events to increase her confidence. She attended our buffet lunch, and spend the afternoon chatting to those at her table. She was laughing and engaging, and even took some snacks home to her daughters. I followed up with another call that afternoon and this was what she said

‘Thanks you so much for giving me this opportunity and for all of your support. You cannot understand what this means to me, I am now so excited to start volunteering under Connex and would also love to volunteer at events.’

When asked how many participants she would like to support under Connex, she said ‘4’. Which really surprised me, and when I asked why, she said ‘in the sort time that I have been with Rotherfed, the support that had been given, had made me so happy, I now feel that I can give so much to others, and give something back to Rotherfed as well’

Susan will also in the new year be willing to attend HIP and Scrutiny meetings, but has said that she would not like to do the friendship calls, as she doesn’t like speaking on the phone.

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