Woodsetts TARA

By Rob Gooding, Community Organiser

Woodsetts TARA (tenants and residents association) formed in November to tackle social problems around off-road bikes and anti-social behaviour in the fields around the area as well as the loneliness that the residents of Woodsetts and the surrounding area have felt throughout the pandemic. The group have gone from strength to strength quickly, becoming a constituted group with a core of 10 people lead by parish councillors, the group have starting their monthly coffee mornings to give residents a place to come together and talk.

Over the last few months the group have attracted a large Facebook following, attracting around 100 members, and this is still growing fast. The group attract an average of 30 people physically attending their coffee morning every month at the Parish Hall where the group are treated to homemade cakes and buns along with a drink and a chat.

The group are currently working with myself and Nicky Haze, the Neighbourhood coordinator for Woodsetts to put on a number of events over the year, the first of these being a Jubilee Street party, quickly followed by a picnic in the park. Later in the year there will be a pie and peas evening for bonfire nigh as well as much more still to be finalised.

We have just finished working on a COMF funding bid to host these events as well as keeping the coffee mornings running and increasing the frequency of these, now the group are looking to get Lottery funding for several subsidised daytrips for members of the group to enjoy. The group hope that this will further increase engagement and allow them to host more events for the residents of the area.